Grupa is a design studio and manufacturer of quality handmade design products. Apart from being a successful and award winning design studio for a decade, in 2012 we have decided to become a manufacturer and to create, produce and distribute high quality design under our own brand name - Grupa Products. 

Our idea was clear - how about if we don’t let anything to a chance and involve ourselves in development of our products from the drawing board to the moment we ship it to our clients? The result are products that we fully stand behind. Products that go trough our hands every step of the way. 

Grupa Products is a showcase of everything that inspire us as designers. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, minimalism, functionality, DIY approach and the flexibility to one’s own choice. Today, we are proud to be a part of peoples living and working spaces - homes, offices, hotels, bars…

We’d love to share this idea with you.

Grupa products is run by Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic and Tihana Taraba.

Nobu Hotel, London (UK), 2017

Acasa Suites, Zurich (SUI), 2016

Hotel Kompas, Dubrovnik, 2015

Hotel Park, Varaždin, 2015

Design hotel Lone (exhibition), Rovinj, 2015

Hotel Palace, Dubrovnik, 2014

Hotel Amarin, Rovinj, 2013